Quality Framework for the Teaching and Practice of Echocardiography in the Philippines: The Philippine Society of Echocardiography #ECHOALITY Campaign



Rationale for the Project: #ECHOALITY is a multi-faceted advocacy of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography intended to raise awareness of the general public regarding the organization’s initiatives and enhance performance of healthcare providers directed toward advancement of quality training and service in Philippine echocardiography.

Definition of Quality Echocardiography? According to the American Society of Echocardiography, “Quality can be measured as adherence to established guidelines for the use of a technology to ensure patient satisfaction and outcomes.”1 Some institutions implement an “Echocardiography Quality Framework” which adopts a patient-centered yet holistic approach to quality assurance.2 The Philippine Society of Echocardiography, since its establishment in 1990, has espoused the philosophy “Quality echocardiography by competent professionals for every patient.” ECHOALITY is perceived to provide the encompassing philosophy and framework for attaining, sustaining and cascading “Quality Echocardiography for All.” This is intended to cut across various aspects and disciplines in echocardiography, from training and teaching, service provision, and research.

Intended Project Movers and Beneficiaries: A dedicated quality management team of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography will be created to spearhead this project, with Officers and Directors of the Board actively involved in the supervision and implementation of the project outputs. PSE Fellow physician and sonographers will be recruited to join this initiative, having attained a certain level of professional expertise and competence. Meanwhile, selected technical experts and key opinion leaders will be tapped to augment the efforts of the team.



  1. Annual Cardiac Sonographer’s Course
  2. Certifying Examinations for Pediatric and Adult Echocardiographers and Cardiac Sonographers
  3. Recognition and accreditation of training programs in echocardiography
  4. Regional Echocardiography workshops
  5. Echocardiography webinars
  6. Annual Convention and Scientific Meetings
  7. Pre-Convention in Echocardiography during Philippine Heart Association Annual Convention
  8. Guidelines on Quality and Safety in Echocardiography (March 2020)
  9. ECHOALITY Social Media blitz - NEW
  10. Patient Information Infographics ("PSE Echographics") - NEW
  11. Lay Education Webinar Series - NEW 



  1. Picard M, Adams D, Bierig SM, Stainback RF, Strachan GM, Zogbhi WA. American Society of Echocardiography Recommendations for Quality Echocardiography Laboratory Operations. J Am Soc Echo 2011: 24(1):1-10.
  2. Masani N. The Echocardiography Quality Framework: a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to quality assurance and continuous service improvement. Echo Res Pract. 2018 Dec: 5(4):G35-41.


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