Course Directors James Thomas, Roberto Lang, KK Poh and Edwin Tucay assemble an impressive faculty line-up and a high-yield scientific program for this year's Echo ASE ASEAN congress in Manila.

Finally, a local standard for subspecialty training in adult echocardiography is available!
View the core curriculum developed by the Philippine task force of 2016.

Philippine cardiologists join the local delegation at the 21st ASEAN Federation of Cardiology Congress in Myanmar. PSE's Dr. Edwin Tucay joins ASEAN Echo leaders in organizing the Pre-Congress Echo Workshop.

The PSE's very own Dr. Eleanor Lopez joins the editorial board of CASE, the international cardiovascular imaging case reports journal of the American Society of Echocardiography.

Keep on shining, keep on sharing--that's the PSE dream! The PSE launches its unifying hymn during its 22nd Annual Convention in Manila. 

One Team, One Mission! Echo experts and enthusiasts from the United States (ASE and US Navy) and Philippines (PSE and PHA) join hands to mold minds and screen hearts at the Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Hospital in Legazpi City. 



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